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Image by Shubham Dhage

The First Community 

Community stands at the core of blockchain, and as Blockchain becomes more mainstream, integrated communities of crypto-natives and normies will be the new secret sauce of blockchain projects. As we always say, diversification is the key to success.

Web 2.0 <> Web 3.0 Community

First Labs is on the mission to create the most vibrant and diverse community, bringing crypto-native entrepreneurs, builders and change creators. We are building our community to support Web 2.0 talent on their journey to Web 3.0, while bringing new ideas with fresh crowds to the crypto-native community.


Fueling our community with the best ideas, our projects are the engine behind First Labs. Our community will serve as a launching pad for projects to create their own communities and to support their tokens.

Community Members 

The true power of First Labs lies in its community. It will play a critical role in establishing First Labs' governance and operations. Through the launch of the DAO and its tokens, our community will not only gain access to Labs, but also gain real value from it.

Our Partners 

Labs is on a mission to build the most robust blockchain platform, which begins with our partner network. Syndication, ideation of projects, liquidity mining and all the rest of it, from crypto-native companies and crypto funds to niche-focused communities, all go into our platform.


The backbone of First Labs is crypto-native OGs, Council members, and venture advisors, making it a real value creation engine.

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